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FAQ: Residents & Commuters

When will new students receive their housing assignments?
Housing assignments for Fall 2022 will be sent via email no later than July 1.

Can I request a roommate?
Yes. Simply write their name in the requested roommate space on your Housing Questionnaire and have them do the same. Please note that in order for the Housing office to honor your preference, both roommates must request each other. Please also note that roommate requests must be made before June 1, 2022 for the Fall 2022 semester. 

Can I request a specific residence hall?
You may request a specific hall, but there is not a guarantee you will receive your preference. Preferences are honored based on deposit date and available space.

I am a new transfer student, how will I be assigned to housing?
You will be placed in housing with either another new transfer or a returning student. Transfers are not assigned freshman roommates unless they specifically request it or if no other spaces are available. If you will be either a junior or 20 years old by September 1 of the current academic year and would like to live in an apartment on campus, please note that on your Housing Questionnaire.

What should I bring to decorate my room?
You can see a list of what to bring (and what not to bring) here

Where can I find out my room's specifications like size and storage?
Room specs are listed on each hall's page. You can find them at www.gordon.edu/residencehalls 



Can I reserve my room from year to year?
No. In order to select a room for the upcoming academic year, students must attend the housing lottery.

During the lottery, can I sign up for a room if I do not have a roommate?
Yes. You may sign up on your own for any available space. Please note that any empty spaces may be filled at the discretion of the Housing office. 


How do we apply if friends are away on off-campus programs this semester?
Write their names on the application and indicate their current program on the signature line. They will need to email the Director of Housing to submit their housing preferences.

How are apartments awarded?
Apartments are awarded in order of point total for each type of apartment (4-person, 6-person, etc.). Points are determined by age as of September 1, 2021, and current class standing. Each individual on an application will be given points using the following scale:
Current Freshman: 1 point
Current Sophomore: 2 points
Current Junior: 3 points
Current Senior: 4 points
23+ Years of Age: 1 point
Full-Time, Off-Campus Program Credit (e.g. student teaching): 1 point
Academic Probation: -1 point
Possible Academic Suspension: -2 points
On Disciplinary Probation at Any Point for the 2020-2021 Academic Year: -3 points

How many points do we need to get an apartment?
It's all relative—there is no "magical number" of points that will guarantee you an apartment. Every year, the number of points needed is different because the groups applying are different. In general, the more upperclassmen you have on your application, the better your chances are of qualifying. Over the past several years, it has been very difficult for an application with all current sophomores (juniors next year) to qualify. If this is true of your group, you can still apply but should be thinking of your other options as well.

What housing choices do I have if I don't get an apartment?
Students not receiving an apartment will be able to secure housing by participating in the housing lottery.

We don't have a whole group for an application. Can we leave spaces open and request that transfer or consortium students be placed with us?
No. Applications must be complete (6 people for a 6-person apartment, 4 for a 4-person, etc.). Please note that each application must have the correct number of people for the fall semester. This means that students who will be off-campus during the fall semester (e.g., study abroad programs) cannot be part of a qualifying housing application.


Can I live off-campus?
Gordon College requires all full-time students to live on campus. We do realize that living on campus is not possible for all students due to various life circumstances. To address these specific needs, students who are 23 or older, married, living with relatives, or part-time qualify to be commuters. These students must submit an application to the Director of Housing each year that they intend to live off-campus. No student should commit to a lease before being approved. Gordon College is not responsible for leases signed or money paid before being approved by the Director of Housing. Once approved to live off-campus, students may not participate in any other part of the housing process. Choosing to live off-campus will result in a reduction in financial aid as outlined in one's financial aid agreement.

What if I do not qualify to live off-campus?
If you do not qualify to live off-campus, you will need to find housing on campus. We will review cases of significant hardship on a case-by-case basis. If you think that you need to live off-campus due to a significant hardship, please email the Housing department.

Choosing to live off-campus without approval will result in the standard reduction of financial aid plus an additional amount.

Do I have to know exactly where I will be living off-campus?
No. If you are approved, you will be required to submit your off-campus address to Student Life by the second Friday in September.

If I am applying to live off-campus, do I need to pay a housing deposit?
If you do not qualify to live off-campus you are required to pay a housing deposit so that you will be eligible for on-campus housing. If your case of hardship is considered extraordinary and you are approved to live off-campus, your housing deposit will be refunded. 

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