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What to Bring & Room Decorating Guidelines

Please review the following guidelines and view a downloadable visual of Fire Safety and Room Decorating Guidelines (JPG). 

Recommended Optional Do Not Bring
Computer Iron/ironing board Air conditioner

Power strips (with circuit protection)

Bicycle with lock Toaster/ toaster oven
Towels and washcloths

Sports Equipment (Frisbee, tennis racket, racquetball rackets, spike ball set, etc.)

Microwave (provided in the residence hall kitchen)

Blankets, pillows, and fitted sheets for extra long twin mattresses (80"x36")

TV, game system Regular, 16 gauge extension cords
Alarm clock Bluetooth speaker/stereo Candles, incense
Study/reading light Small refrigerator (up to 3.6 cubic feet) Drum set (electric drums with headphones are fine)
Water bottle, mug, tumbler Sleeping bags and/or hiking gear Incandescent, CFL, or halogen light bulbs or lamps
Laundry bag/basket and laundry soap Acoustic guitar/hand drum, keyboard Nails or tacks to hang things
Toiletries and a small basket/tote    
Electric fan    
Sticky tack or 3M command hooks for hanging things