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Pursue learning marked by insatiable curiosity and drive for discovery.

What if faith and learning were complementary not contradictory? And wrestling with the tough questions transformed faith rather than threatening it? By fusing a rigorous liberal arts education with an informed Christian faith, Gordon provides a framework for academic exploration. Our confidence in the truth of Scripture propels our learning and enables us to discern true wisdom.


combinations of honors, scholars, fellows and leadership programs

Tailor your educational experience by designing your own major, pursuing advanced study or apprenticing with a staff member.



a deeply personal
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A Gordon education builds strong connections, which begins with small class sizes. Expert faculty are devoted teachers and invested mentors, who share wisdom in and out of the classroom, inspiring and encouraging students.




By bundling a bachelor’s and master’s together, students can save time and money—and enter their career faster. Learn more ➔


global opportunities on six continents

Immersive experiences like internships, practicums, seminars and semester-long programs sharpen global perspectives and bring learning to life.
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Centers & Institutes
The many centers and institutes housed at Gordon show the dynamic nature of our academic programs and their emphasis on global responsibility and action. These organizations serve those directly involved, and provide the whole campus with world-renowned speakers, events and celebrations, urban renewal and informative trips across the globe. Explore ➔

A look at life after Gordon

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Academic success isn’t the only ingredient in life’s complex recipe. That’s why Gordon is committed to fostering a holistic process that prepares students for the call God has on their lives—in the workplace, church, community and home. As such, Gordon grads are better prepared for a greater purpose; they connect God-given gifts and personal passions to meaningful vocations with lasting impact.

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Summer opportunities

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A season well spent. The learning doesn’t need to stop when spring semester concludes. Gordon offers many ways for students to continue earning credits (at a discount!), gain valuable internship experience and serve in the U.S. and around the world during the summer months. Explore Summer Term classes, overseas internship opportunities through the Gordon Global Internships program, and everything that’s available during a Gordon Summer.

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