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Communication Arts Courses



    (12 credits)   These courses introduce foundational concepts and competencies for understanding, evaluating and creating visual stories.  All are required.

    Development Requirements

    To develop concepts and competencies more specific to particular media forms and cultural contexts, students select a blend of introductory, intermediate and advanced courses suited to their vocation. NOTE: The department offers various "pathways" for movement through the curriculum, based on a student's vocational interest and career goals. Please see your departmental advisor.

      Introductory Development

      12 credits from the following:

      Intermediate and Advanced Development

      16 credits from the following:

      Study Abroad Programs

      Up to 12 credits from the following study abroad programs may be applied to the major in the Intermediate and Advanced category. Internship is required.

      Internship or Independent Study

      All students will be required to complete a minimum of two credits in an internship or independent study. Internships from approved study abroad programs are accepted for this requirement.

      Capstone Experience (4 credits)

      Minor in Communication Arts

      All minors are required to take a minimum of 20 credit hours in the department selected in consultation with departmental chair.

      Two of the three foundations courses are required for the minor: 

      • COM 101 - Visual Storytelling
      • COM 152 - Media and Society
      • COM 205 - Perspectives on Communication

      The remaining credits must include at least one 300-level course.