Gordon in the News: last updated 11/30/2006

Students March to Help Raise Awareness; Endangered Children of Uganda - The Global Night Commute


Office of College Communications


WENHAM, MA -In an effort to help raise awareness to the Invisible Children of Uganda, a student-led group from Gordon will join over 50 thousand people nation-wide on Saturday, April 29, for The Global Night Commute.

Invisible Children Inc., an organization committed to ending the war in Northern Uganda where children are forced to fight as soldiers, has organized a Global Night Commute in 136 cities across the country. On this night, thousands will commute to their cities' designated location and sleep outside on behalf of the invisible children of Northern Uganda. This event is a plea to the U.S. government to help put an end to this horrific 20 year long war.

Thousands of Ugandan children attempt to avoid being captured by the Lord's Resistance Army, as prominently displayed in the film Invisible Children, by traveling at nightfall. The Global Night Commute will mimic the nightly commute of the Ugandan children by marching en masse from one point to another and sleeping at their final destination for the entire night.

For information contact Invisible Children Media Director Natalia Angelo at 619.322.5235 for national information and scheduling.

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