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Gordon Tutoring Program and Lynn Housing Dedicate Learning Center After Sarah Allyn

April 30, 2010


Office of College Communications

LYNN, MA—For the past six years, 162 Curwin Circle has been the nameless address of College Bound, a Gordon College mentoring and tutoring program in Lynn for youth ages kindergarten through seventh grade. But on May 6, “162” will become the new Sarah Allyn Learning Center, in memory of one of its founders.

Allyn, a social work major at Gordon College (left in above photo) was instrumental in founding the College Bound tutoring program, along with another intern, Stephanie Acker, (right in photo). But in 2006, Allyn was killed in a tragic car accident. So on Thursday, May 6, from 2:30–3:30 p.m. at Curwin Circle in Lynn, the Lynn Housing Authority, which partners with Gordon College to run College Bound, will honor the work Allyn did and remember the inspiration she was to the formation of the program by dedicating the building in her name. Several community activists and local government officials will attend the ceremony, which will include an exhibit featuring arts and crafts of College Bound kids over its six years of existence as well as words from representatives of the Lynn Housing Authority and Gordon College.

“Now naming and dedicating the building is a way to let the community know about Sarah’s life and work, to allow her legacy to continue,” said Buchanan. “It’s a way to honor and remember her.”

The dedication event will also be a great way for all the partners who have been involved with College Bound to come together. Jon Nystedt, Gordon College alumni, director of College Bound and key organizer of the event, believes it is another opportunity for the community to come together in a meaningful way.

“I’m excited to see kids, tutors, interns, and parents all from the past couple years together under one roof, along with so many friends from the community,” Nystedt said. “And it’s more significant still that they’ll be gathering under a newly named roof, one which reminds us all of how a young person can have a lasting impact.”

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