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Mentoring Teachers: Gordon Graduate Education Program Scores High on Recent Survey

March 10, 2010
Jo Kadlecek
Office of College Communications

WENHAM, MA—Gordon’s Graduate Education Department recently launched an Alumni Survey to better understand what makes its teaching program so successful. Completed surveys from 35 percent of its alumni proved that personal mentoring was the biggest factor at 85 percent.

Additional survey results indicated that the top reasons teachers decided to further their career at Gordon’s Graduate Education Program were personal attention, instruction, quality of faculty, course selection, schedule flexibility and a safe campus (87 percent gave “excellent” rating).

Many teachers also said regional cohort groups—which offered intimate learning experiences among colleagues throughout Boston’s North Shore—also played a role in their individual success. Currently cohort programs are offered in the reading specialist, moderate disabilities and education instruction areas.  

“This survey has reinforced for us many of the values we’ve placed on our program. What inspires me most about our students is their commitment level coupled with their passion to make positive change,” says Dr. Janet Arndt, director of Graduate Education at Gordon. “Demands are greater on society then ever before, and Gordon’s Grad Ed students continue to inspire others to adapt new teaching methods.”

Gordon's Graduate Education Program teaches critical thinking skills and quickly applies the latest research in the classroom, which prepares educators to better understand policy and practice and the relationships between them.

The Gordon College Graduate Education Program partners with the North Shore community in preparing teachers and leaders of integrity, discernment, and effectiveness through rigorous scholarship and personalized mentoring. It is dedicated to investigating the highest critical standard of current research and educational theory and providing a forum in which educational philosophies and practices are synthesized, analyzed and evaluated.

“Our program also meets all teaching standards required by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts while integrating ethics reflective of Gordon’s Christian heritage,” Arndt said. “Central to each classroom experience is a commitment by professors to foster a culture of community and open dialogue and engaging respectfully with the many cultures represented in schools and society.”

Last spring, over 50 students received their master’s degrees in the 12th graduation class of the Graduate Education Program.

For more information please contact, 978.867.4322 or visit Graduate Education.

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