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Back Cover | Jean Sbarra Jones

Dress on Fishing Dock
acrylic on board, 18 x 24 inches
© 2009

Jean Sbarra Jones

This painting is one in a series of a dress at a fishing dock. The image of the dress has been present in my work for over a decade. Uninhabited, it is fragile and evocative. My interest in the abstracted shapes of fishing boats and the water and docks they occupy came about when I married a lover of such things. Placing them together resulted in unexpected contrasts. I was drawn to the challenge of depicting with paint the disparity among surfaces that are transparent and opaque, delicate and coarse. Strong, unifying light heightens the theatrical nature of their shared existence, offering an untold story to be imagined. 

Jean Sbarra Jones, M.F.A. (Boston University), is an adjunct professor of art at Gordon and an award-winning artist who has exhibited extensively. Her work is included in many collections, including that of color-field painter Kenneth Noland. She lives and works at her home and studio in Salem, Massachusetts, with her husband, Norman Jones, associate professor of theatre at Gordon.


Dress on Fishing Dock by Jean Sbarra Jones