STILLPOINT Archive: last updated 12/15/2009

Seeking Passion through Music

by Meg Lynch '10

Passion requires risk-taking—which is what led me to leap from the mainland of Massachusetts to the Contemporary Music Center on Martha’s Vineyard. The Center is an invitation-only music program that offers 30 up-and-coming musicians from Christian colleges the opportunity to learn what it takes to make it in today’s music industry. A relatively new songwriter, I felt crazy to even consider the program; but I met 30 other students who were all crazy too.

We had a regimented schedule of classes, band practices, recording sessions and weekly concerts. We critically listened to music, learned about the industry, and left with a portfolio of newly written, professionally recorded songs.

Of more impact, though, was the way God turned 30 strangers into brothers and sisters. When our inner sanctuaries of fear, passion, frustration and love rise to the surface through song, we cultivate and care for one another. Passion is etched into every person by that unseen pen, our Father. Sometimes we need to take risks to set it into action.

Contemporary Music Center:


Meg Lynch performing onstage