STILLPOINT Archive: last updated 12/14/2009

Green Chemistry Opens a Door

High school senior Ben Stewart visited a Science Experience Day as a prospective student and made biodiesel soap in chemistry professor Irv Levy’s green chemistry lab. Levy invited him to Green Chemistry Day at Simmons College, where he connected with the Beyond Benign Foundation—a green chemistry research facility—which offered him an internship.

Ben became their first high-school-aged green chemistry fellow, synthesizing and researching different types of biodiesel oil. “I also joined the team on outreach sessions at high schools,” says Ben, “and worked with kids running hands-on activities and labs on green chemistry.”

Ben is a freshman chemistry major now and plans to work with Beyond Benign again doing lab work and helping with their web page. “I’m really excited to be part of the innovation of green chemistry—working hard to play my part in making a difference.”

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