Gordon in the News: last updated 10/20/2006

Super Mario Brothers Re-enactment to Air On MTV

MEDIA CONTACT: Kristin Schwabauer
Office of College Communications

WENHAM, MA-A real-life production of the Super Mario Brothers video game will air on MTV's Total Request Live segment on July 25, 2006 between 3:30 and 4:30 p.m. The performance starred junior Andrew Breton during the Golden Goose talent show in 2005.

Andrew Breton, along with a team of his friends, created this Mario phenomenon that has become an internet sensation-including the number one spot on Google Video. The performance is meant to re-enact Nintendo's Mario Brothers video game, specifically
level 1-1.

The full gifted cast and crew includes:
Jamie Calderwood- Ninja, co-creator
Mike Herr- Ninja, co-creator
Nate Purswell- Ninja, co-creator
Ben Woodworth- Soundman, co-creator
Aaron Vogelzang- Ninja
Pete Hassler- Ninja
Andrew Doughty- Ninja
Chris Neffinger- Ninja
David Mcmullen-Ninja
Keith Lumpp- Ninja
John Beebe-Ninja
Matt Schneider- Ninja
Daniel Kiyoi- Props and Set Designer
Bonnie Hunt- Costume/ Props and set design
Amy Carlson- Costume/ props and set design
Kiersten Hess- Stage Hand/ props and set design
Alisha Balmer- Stage Hand/ props and set design
Leah Cochrane- Stage Hand/ props and set design/the princess
Aly Denyse- Stage Hand/ props and set design
Kevin Zener- Camera Man

Breton's video has also been featured on both VH-1, VH-1's Best Week Ever website and MTV.

See the video here.


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