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Inspiration | Michael Ahearn

I have been part of the Gordon College community for four months, and what a joy it has been! I would like to thank the faculty, staff and students for their gracious welcome. Since arriving in June I have had the pleasure of meeting a variety of people who contribute to Gordon’s distinctiveness as a Christian institution. The devotion to providing an excellent education—and also to nurturing character and soul—has been refreshing.

As believers we’re called to serve God wherever he places us, and our Lord often surprises us with His plans for our lives. As someone who until recently worked in the secular marketplace for many years, I am looking forward to doing what I can to aid the College’s mission in developing the hearts and minds of young men and women who exhibit the character of Christ.

I place great value on a liberal arts education; after all, to worship God with your mind implies learning in a broad spectrum of areas. While we each have our own interests and aptitudes, we glorify God in seeking a wide knowledge and understanding of His creation. Though people sometimes assume I must have been an economics or business major, as an undergraduate I majored in history. Now, as a financial manager, I am very grateful for both the formal education I received and for how God uses our life experiences to teach us. For Christians, growing in understanding is meant to never end.

Michael Ahearn
Vice President for Finance and Administration

My wife, Joy, and I celebrated our 19th anniversary December 1. We have lived in Arlington, Massachusetts, for most of our marriage. I grew up in Philadelphia and moved to the Boston area for a job out of graduate school in early 1989. Joy is from California, came to Boston after college and worked for Au Bon Pain, the French bakery café, for a number of years.

Joy and I met more than 20 years ago in a Bible study group at Park Street Church in Boston, where we are
still active members. At Park Street, Joy is involved in a variety of caring ministries, and I have been serving as church treasurer for the past six years. Our son, Joshua, is an eighth-grader at Covenant School in Arlington. Who knows? Someday he may find Gordon as enthralling as I have.


Michael Ahearn
Ahearn family on deck
Park Street Church