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Clarendon Society: The Next Generation

Meet Derek ’93 and Sara (Hillier) ’93 Mogck. He was a political science major who became an attorney. She was a history major who minored in political science, earned a master’s degree in teaching and taught high school history.
Both worked in public policy in Washington, D.C. Now they live in Connecticut, raising three children while Derek practices law in
Hartford. Sara is at home and takes leadership roles in their kids’ and community activities.
They have a mutual affection for Gordon—the place that helped them find their callings and each other. As students they participated in a variety of activities, from Orientation staff to athletics. They remain committed to Gordon, now helping develop a Hartford area alumni association.
They have also shown their support in a way increasingly common among individuals in their 30s and 40s—naming Gordon in their wills. Derek says, “Including Gordon was a natural decision. When our children were born we realized we needed wills to guide others in case something happened to us. We also wanted to honor the people and experiences that helped shape our lives. Gordon was so important to us. Naming the College in our wills was easy and ensures we can give something back.”

Clarendon Society
Planning for the future—this is why more people under 50 are establishing wills to protect their families and support organizations they care about. Creating a will is typically inexpensive and allows anyone to contribute to Gordon regardless of personal financial circumstances. It’s also what makes alumni like Derek and Sara Mogck part of the next generation of Clarendon Society members supporting Gordon for the long term. The Clarendon Society recognizes all who designate gifts to Gordon through wills, trusts or other estate planning vehicles.

Dan White
Director of Planned and Special Gifts


Derek and Sarah Mogck