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Faculty Books

David Goss ’74, history, wrote The Salem Witch Trials: A Reference Guide (Greenwood Press, December 2007), a comprehensive textbook analyzing witchcraft trials in medieval European history with four chapters on the Salem, Massachusetts, episodes. It includes biographies of prominent people of that time, documents, and a glossary of legal and cultural terms.

Green Chemistry Education: Changing the Course of Chemistry (Oxford University Press, May 2009), coedited by Irv Levy, chemistry and computer science, provides science educators with current research in the field of green chemistry—a new way of creating chemicals positive for humans and environment—with emphasis on tools to incorporate new data into chemistry curricula. Levy coauthored a chapter with Ron Kay ’82, former associate professor of chemistry, titled “Student-Motivated Endeavors Advancing Green Organic Literacy.” The chapter highlights Gordon’s Green Organic Literacy Forum projects involving students in green chemistry outreach activities in the community and around the country the last six years.

David H. Lumsdaine, political studies, wrote Evangelical Christianity and Democracy in Asia (Oxford University Press, March 2009), the first of four volumes answering the question “What happens when a revivalist religion based on scriptural orthodoxy participates in the volatile politics of the Third World?” Three of the volumes focus on Africa, Latin America and Asia. The last will address evangelical Christianity and democracy globally.

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