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In Focus: Faculty Books

Jo Kadlecek, communication arts, released the final book in The Lightfoot Trilogy in May. A Minute Before Friday (NavPress, May 2008) is the story of religion reporter Jonna Lightfoot MacLaughlin, who trades her beat at a New Orleans newspaper (Book 2, A Quarter after Tuesday), for her dream job in New York City, where she finds herself face to face with religious differences in our culture.

Derrida und danach? Literaturtheoretische Diskurse der Gegenwart--translation: Derrida and Thereafter? Essays on Contemporary Literary Theory--(Deutscher Universitätsverlag/VS Research, August 2008), by Gregor Thuswaldner, German and linguistics, addresses the hesitant reception of Derrida’s oeuvre in the German-speaking world and highlights his contributions to literary theory. He also investigates the current state of literary theory in Germany and North America.

In Saving Darwin (HarperOne, June 2008) scientist Karl Giberson, director of Gordon’s Forum on Faith and Science and adjunct professor in science and culture, shows how and why it’s possible to believe in God and evolution simultaneously. With an introduction by Francis S. Collins, Saving Darwin explains why this controversy is so intense but offers a way to reconcile the ever-growing divide between science and religious belief.

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A Minute Before Friday
Derrida und danach?
Saving Darwin