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A Community That Keeps On Giving

Jim and Emily Grumbine have a heart for community, people and Gordon. Jim studied movement science, traveled with sports teams as an athletic trainer and played lacrosse; Emily was a communications major who toured Europe with the College Choir and did a summer internship with a Christian radio station.

Today both work and live on the North Shore of Boston, building on the community they established as students. In fact, Jim is about to launch a new clothing company. “One hundred percent of the people I have contracted with are Gordon graduates,” Jim says. Emily and Jim enjoy taking friends to College events to share a place they love. “We continue to be impressed with Gordon’s use of national speakers who challenge us to think outside our world--look at a global community that can be reached, learned from, and brought back and taught to others.”

Jim and Emily feel blessed with what Gordon gave and continues to give them. Because they want future students to enjoy these same blessings, they give to The Partners Program. “When a college is integral in the ongoing education and growth of its members long after they have left its grounds, it is truly committed to community building. If Gordon can continue to prepare students to do great things after they graduate, Emily and I want to support the College any way we can.”

The Partners Program provides scholarship support to financially deserving students, awarding every dollar directly to students who are studying to serve and lead in every career field, including the sciences, the arts, education, ministry, health care, social services, computer technology and others.

If you’d like to make a gift to Gordon, contact John Willis, development gifts officer.

John Willis
978 867 4574


Jim and Emily Grumbine