STILLPOINT Archive: last updated 10/11/2010

Have a Seat: Gordon College Bench Program

Sometimes you just need to sit down. To review your notes one more time before an exam. To laugh with a new friend or read a letter from home. To reflect on what you just heard in chapel. . . .

With the hectic pace of college life, it’s important to slow down and sit every now and then. Nothing signals this better than a wooden bench along the path. That’s why Gordon College envisions placing over 100 new benches around campus. We want to invite students and faculty alike to have a seat, to take a break from the busy demands of college life and rest for a while.

And we’re looking for alumni and friends of Gordon College to help us. Perhaps you’d like to honor the memory of a favorite professor, pastor or friend. Or your alumni class is looking for a way to leave its mark and give back to Gordon. Maybe you would like to honor or memorialize a family member.

With your tax-deductible gift of $5,000 you will help us purchase a commemorative outdoor bench to enhance the beauty of the Gordon College campus. Each bench will have a brass recognition plaque and be placed on campus in a place of your choosing. Truly, leaving a legacy at Gordon College has never been easier.

Fred DiStefano, Jr
Gifts Officer
978 867 4241