Gordon in the News: last updated 12/19/2008

An Important Message from the President during Challenging Economic Times

Dear Students,

Recently I heard about a Gordon alumna who is working now as a labor attorney in New York City. She said no matter how hard it had been for her to pay for her Gordon education (even in the best of times), she wouldn't trade it for anything. The value of the things she learned and the relationships she built with faculty and friends still mean far more to her than student loans.

Stories like hers remind me that Gordon College has always been a place where we've learned to depend on God's provision. He's been faithful to see us through difficult times, and I'm convinced He will again, even as our country and world face a tough financial time.

But we also know we need to be grateful stewards of our gifts. Because of that I want to give you a quick update. We have had to make some difficult decisions lately, freezing some of our budget and asking everyone to hold off on certain spending. We will, however, absolutely protect those areas vital to the well-being of our students, including financial aid. We haven't forgotten that our most important investment is in the relationships we have with you, our students.

I spoke with you more specifically in chapel on Monday, November 24, about some of these issues. But for now I want you to know we're working hard to act wisely through this financial challenge. We will emerge as a stronger college because of the steps we are taking now. So please join me in praying for God's continued blessing on our Gordon community, remembering the words of the psalmist in Psalm 37, "Trust God and do good."

May your Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations be truly that,

President R. Judson Carlberg

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