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Back Cover | Makoto Fujimura

Golden Pines--Gordon
gold, mineral pigments, platinum on Kumohada, 48 x 60 inches
© 2008

Makoto Fujimura

"Golden Pines--Gordon is dedicated to the new Ken Olsen Science Center. Inspired by the trees seen outside of the window overlooking Coy Pond, it has two perspectives. The first is the pine trees' natural perspective, referencing Tohaku Hasegawa's Shorinzu-Byobu master painting of 16th century Japan, depicting the mystery of creation. The other, created by the smaller tree with the moon in the background, connotes the scientific realm, bound to the closed system of nature. Art points to the supranatural, generative reality of the New Creation."

Makoto Fujimura, M.F.A., was born in 1960 in Boston and was educated in the U.S. and Japan. During his years studying in Tokyo at the National University of Fine Arts and Music, Fujimura began to assimilate abstract expressionism with the traditional Japanese art of Nihonga. In 1990 Fujimura founded The International Arts Movement. His most recent paintings in the series The Splendor of the Medium are formed of stone-ground minerals including azurite, malachite and cinnabar. His work is represented in many public and private collections in the U.S and internationally. He was appointed to the National Council on the Arts, a six-year Presidential appointment, in 2003.  |


Golden Pines -- Gordon