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A Winning Investment

"Gordon was a great fit for me. Now I feel it is my responsibility to give back something to help keep the institution strong so others can receive a quality Christian education. It's a win-win! I give to relieve my tax burden, and now I am at the age where my investments are paying me. You can't lose."
--Carolyn Cassidy '63 

She goes country line dancing every Wednesday night and loves to travel. She volunteers at an elementary school library. She plays Mahjong with members of the Council on Aging. She loves spending time with her church family. She faithfully attends men's basketball games on campus, often traveling distances to watch her favorite players. Once she told a fan that one of the players was her grandson even though she doesn't have any of her own--she loves all of them like family.

This is Carolyn Cassidy '63. She has a degree in elementary education and taught for 41 years--mostly in Essex, Massachusetts--and still helps out on a substitute basis. She taught nearly 1,000 children, ranging first through fourth grade, passing on her wisdom, her Christian commitment and lots of spunk. Carolyn, daughter of Irish immigrants, was the first college graduate in her entire family and says Gordon gave her a great education and a lot of confidence in herself. (She hopes to see old friends at her 45th Reunion during Homecoming Weekend this fall.)

Carolyn's been giving to the College for over 20 years and will continue to support the College and her church through planned giving. She gives because Gordon has been incredibly instrumental in her life. She gives because she wants to invest in the lives of students.

Clarendon Society
The Clarendon Society recognizes all who designate gifts to Gordon College through planned gifts or provisions in their estates. If you have already named Gordon as your beneficiary in your will or estate, please contact us so we can welcome you into The Clarendon Society.

If you'd like to make a gift to Gordon College, please contact Jon Tymann.

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Carolyn Cassidy