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ARTICLE | Luncheon Honors Clarendon Members

Luncheon Honors Clarendon Members

On Commencement Day dozens of Clarendon Society members came to campus for a special luncheon held to thank them for their foundational support to Gordon College. Also present were members of Gordon and Barrington's 50-year reunion classes. The program began with English professor Peter Stine playing Adoniram Judson blessing "a little boy from New Hampshire--A. J. Gordon." Stine's performance was followed by clips from We are Gordon, a film about Gordon's history that will be released later this year. Megan Muthersbaugh '08 wowed the audience with her piano-playing prowess, ending with the A. J. Gordon hymn "My Jesus, I Love Thee."

Over 200 people have joined the Clarendon Society since it was founded in 1995. People from all walks of life and economic means have one common purpose in the Clarendon Society: to leave a legacy to future generations of Gordon students who will be educated to serve Christ.

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Senior Director of Development
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Clarendon Luncheon