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Letters to The Editor

When I received the first draft of Norm Jones' article "Vision and Revision" (Spring 2008) to edit for STILLPOINT, I immediately emailed Norm to thank him for sharing his story. It was particularly poignant for me since my husband, Peter '65, had just been diagnosed with mild memory and cognitive impairment, following the diagnosis of a neurological disorder five years earlier. Norm's article offers such practical encouragement and advice for those times when we are absolutely "flattened" with realities we can do little about--with the knowledge that the situation is expected to worsen with time barring a miracle. I especially love Norm's image of the tiny Palestinian lamp spoken of in Psalm 119:105; held in the palm of the hand, it gives only enough light for the next step. I have just sent Norm's article to my grandnephew and his wife, whose recent clean scan of a kidney cancer removed in December now shows cancer in an alarming number of locations in her body. She is 38, mother of four children ages 3-15, and there aren't a lot of options for treatment. But that tiny "lamp" is still able to light their way one step at a time. Alleluia and amen! Thank you, Norm, for reminding us.
--Pat McKay '65, Editor of Publications, Gordon College

Our daughter will be attending Gordon in the fall as a freshman and we are very excited for her to become a part of the Gordon community. We have sensed God's hand and leading in every part of our decision as a family. One thing that touched my wife and me was reading President Carlberg's column in STILLPOINT ("An Unprecedented Gift," Fall 2007), in which he told how he and his wife pray together every year for the incoming first-year students by name. We would consider it a privilege to be able to join with other parents in prayer for the Lord's continued blessing upon the Gordon community.
--Mark and Hollie Goodale

Nancy Mering, director of alumni and parent relations, writes: Thank you for your prayers! The Orientation Staff has included in its Parent Resource Guide a section on "Praying through the Year for Your Student."

Wow! I mean wow! When I reflect on what Gordon College was when I was a student and what Gordon College has become, as seen in this edition of STILLPOINT (Spring 2008), I'm humbled. The periodical is superb; the writing and variety of topics is outstanding. The visual presentation is first-class, and the flow is easy on the brain and the eyes. No doubt the Lord is honored with your collective efforts, and Gordon's alumni are blessed by the results--kudos to everyone who makes it happen.
--Mark A. Smith '80

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