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Young Alumni Give Back

"We are proud to support a community that both challenged and nurtured us during our studies. Since we still live locally, Gordon continues to enrich us. We give in hope that other students may also experience this."
--Janel and Steve Wright, Peabody, Massachusetts

While Steve '05 and Janel (Stockwell) '05 Wright were at Gordon, they were connected to a community that nurtured their gifts and passions. As human services professionals they are able to give back to those who need support and the love of God in their lives--Steve has been a job coach for clients with psychiatric disabilities and Janel has been an advocate for low-income and immigrant clients. Janel and Steve are also currently exploring career opportunities overseas.

The Wrights are able to use their gifts because people like you invested in their future by making a gift to the College. No matter how big or small, every gift makes an impact. Last year the College's giving percentage rose 3 percent in large part because of the generosity of young alumni. Most of those gifts were between $1 and $50. A gift doesn't need to be large to make an impact!

If you value your Gordon experience, consider the value of staying connected. Each year the Alumni Office plans a number of events that allow you to reconnect with old friends and hear what current students and faculty are up to at Gordon. Recently we've traveled to California and Florida. Meet with us as we travel to your hometown--get reconnected and consider giving back to a place that helped shape who you are today.

If you'd like to make a gift to Gordon, email or visit

Alumni Events

May 3
 Alumni Gathering,Washington, D.C.
May 25--June 6
 Holy Land Pilgrimage, Israel
July 13--19
 La Vida Alumni and Family Trip
 Lake Clear, New York

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