STILLPOINT Archive: last updated 04/16/2008

Giving Back to Gordon | Giving for Now and for the Future


Dale E. and Sarah Ann Fowler, grandparents of two current Gordon students, have recently become major benefactors of the College. They have made long-term provision for the College in their estate planning, a gift that, when received, will triple the current endowment, thus helping to secure the College's financial future. Impressed with Gordon's distinctively Christian liberal arts education, the Fowlers have also begun addressing some more immediate needs.


A Good First Impression
The Frost Hall Lobby received some dramatic improvements over the summer. Frost's first-floor décor has been restored to its period with tapestries, paintings, Oriental rugs and antique furniture. A new paint job, recessed lighting and handicap-accessible restrooms with new tile floors have greatly improved the visitor's experience. The Fowlers' wish is for the College to project excellence in its physical facilities as well as in its mission.

Spectator Seating
The bleachers the College could not afford to construct at its Brigham Athletic Complex are now in place, providing spectators with a much more comfortable view of athletic events.

Beautifying the Chapel
Along with the Frost Hall Lobby, the A. J. Gordon Memorial Chapel is among the first places campus visitors see. New raised-panel hardwood doors and brass sconces have made the chapel a more gracious and welcoming worship space.

West Coast Recruiting
Living in California for half the year, the Fowlers have also recognized the importance of recruiting students from the West Coast and have enabled the College to hire and fund a full-time West Coast recruiter. Sarah Murphy '03, who served in Gordon's Admissions Office for two years, is now regional development manager in Orange County.


Endowments: Gifts That Keep Giving
A financial endowment is a transfer of money or property donated to an institution with the stipulation that it be invested and the principal remain intact. This allows for the donation to have a much greater impact over a longer period of time than if it were all spent at once, due to compound interest. The interest can be reinvested or used by the institution for new programs or staffing. The endowment can also be used as collateral in order to obtain financing for capital projects.

The Fowlers' significant and transformational planned gift is an unrestricted endowment (the most difficult gift for colleges and nonprofits to raise, since most gifts go toward a specific project). The College can decide how to use the interest in a way that is most meaningful and appropriate to the institution. We anticipate these uses to include student scholarships, enhancement of faculty salaries and academic programs, and assistance with capital projects.

The Fowlers have chosen to give to Gordon because of their confidence in our mission as a quality Christian liberal arts college that is broadly evangelical and committed to academic freedom within a framework of faith. By building the endowment, the Fowlers' investment ensures that the College can continue to offer a wide variety of liberal arts courses and programs.