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Many Voices

Carlberg Presidency Marks 15th Year
Friends and colleagues celebrate a gifted administrator

Adam and Eve, Batman and Robin, Ben and Jerry, Barbie and Ken, Tarzan and Jane--like other great partnerships throughout history, the dynamic duo of Jud and Jan Carlberg, both children of preachers, continues to impact the lives of Gordon students, faculty and staff. This partnership started when Jud and Jan served together in student government during their college years and continues in various forms such as "Coffee with the Carlbergs," informal dinners in Lane, and their co-teaching of Christianity, Character, and Culture classes. We are blessed by their faithful, steadfast, and gracious leadership and ministry.
Barry Loy, Dean of Students

Jud Carlberg is a servant leader, a man of deep faith, a man with a vision, and a man with a talent for getting things done. During his 15 years at the helm we have experienced the construction of the Bennett Athletic and Recreation Center, the outdoor Brigham Athletic Complex, the Phillips Music Center, the Barrington Center for the Arts and four new dorms. He is the architect of a full-campus transformation."  
Thomas L. Phillips, Trustee, Chairman and CEO (Ret.), Raytheon Company

Jud genuinely reflects the institution he leads. Like the College, Jud seeks to view the whole world through the eyes of Christ; his is a global perspective. Like the College, he keeps growing and learning; not in spite of what he believes but because of it. Like the College, Jud is more interested in living the core of the gospel than straining at gnats. In his leading Jud has been a learner. It has paid off--not only for him but also for the rest of us."
Stan Gaede, Scholar-in-Residence, Center for Christian Studies

Jan is a true partner in the Carlberg presidency, and engages her life and work with a relaxed intensity. She is a tireless encourager--she is the first (and perhaps loudest) in celebrating the work of God in and through the lives of others. I've never seen Jan more enthusiastic than when giving thanks for the promise of God's ongoing work in and through the lives of Gordon students--except, perhaps, when she is following a close Red Sox game."
Greg Carmer, Dean of Chapel

Jud's vision is defined by both focus and breadth. Visit his office with an idea or attend a reception in his home with Jan, and you feel a spirit of both purposefulness and openness. Despite the thousand matters on their horizon, your thoughts and your presence matter. We see that focus and breadth in Cabinet meetings when Jud can survey a vast landscape of issues and quickly harness our attention on the essential questions. He reads widely on a spectrum of topics and loves to travel, and he always manages to extract from all those books and trips the ideas and opportunities that seem most relevant to our distinctive Christian mission. Gordon has, I believe, a special ethos--an evangelical heart and an appreciation for academic freedom and exploration. That survives in large measure because the president has set a confident tone of conviction and hospitality."  
Mark Sargent, Provost

I am impressed with Dr. Carlberg's willingness to boldly move Gordon forward in engaging current cultural issues, solidifying Gordon's commitment to pursuing science, and allowing an atmosphere of intellectual freedom and inquiry. Our tagline--"freedom within a framework of faith"--has taken on fullness for me as I've observed firsthand the hard work of Dr. Carlberg and his colleagues. Probably my favorite part of working with Dr. Carlberg was the candid moments behind the scenes, which gave insight into the man behind the mission."
Johnny Stoeckle '07, past Gordon College Student Association president

Jud's willingness to suspend disbelief in regard to the arts here on campus has been a true miracle. Many college presidents find they must make decisions mainly from a pragmatic standpoint--and the arts are notorious for being on a collision course with mere expediency and narrowly defined notions of the "practical." Jud Carlberg has an instinct for truth, an eye for beauty and a heart for mystery. He also runs a tight ship. As artists, what more could we ask from an institutional leader?"
Bruce Herman, Professor of Art, Lothlórien Distinguished Chair in Fine Arts

Jud's love for the arts is exceptional. I always marvel at how often he and Jan attend our concerts given their busy schedules. For Jud this investment isn't simply for his own enjoyment. He sees that the battle for the hearts and minds of young people takes place in the arena of culture, and he has made every effort to place Gordon on the front line."
Mia Chung, Professor of Music and Artist-in-Residence

Through President Carlberg's experienced and visionary leadership, Gordon's campus has maintained its solid commitment to academic excellence and spiritual maturity along with remarkable improvements in its facilities. At this milestone of Jud's presidency, we  celebrate the many encouraging things God has accomplished at Gordon through his dedicated and faithful service."  
Marvin Wilson, Harold John Ockenga Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies


Jud and Jan Carlberg