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Letters to The Editor

I was especially pleased to read of the recent induction of Paul Sideropoulos '68 into the Gordon College Alumni Athletics Hall of Honor. Those of us who were privileged to play several seasons with Paul during Gordon's golden seasons in the 1960s always sensed we were blessed to be in the company of greatness. We remember fondly our teammate and captain, our inspiration and dear friend, reminiscent of the words attributed to Chief Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes: "When we were young, our hearts were touched with fire!"
--Lorne Weaver '69

I enjoyed bryan parys' column "Something Doesn't Feel Right" (Spring 2007). I feel like people don't even recognize how often feelings are used to justify and explain most of daily life. My mentor at the Swiss L'Abri, Greg Laughery, is fond of saying, "You can't always trust your feelings," and that comes as such a startling surprise to most of us: "You mean my feelings aren't always telling me the truth?" That gets us thinking a little bit about epistemology, eh?
--Eden Garber '01

As a parent of a 2006 Gordon grad, I really appreciate the online version of STILLPOINT. It is great to have such high quality and colorful information via the Internet, and I really appreciate your efforts to "save a tree" or two by cutting back on paper use. 
--Janet Limberg

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I was so pleased to read (Fall 2006) that Bill and Lillian Harper had been awarded the 2006 Lifetime Achievement Award. Dr. Harper challenged me to think critically, write clearly, and integrate faith with learning. Largely because of his encouragement I began to believe that God had indeed created a potential in me that, at the age of 19, I had not yet begun to realize. His take-home exams were opportunities for students to demonstrate their best work. Now when I have to come up with tests for my own students I ask myself, "How would Dr. Harper ask this?" I am also glad I knew Lillian Harper. She has a way of looking a young adult right in the eyes with such true caring that self-consciousness melts away. She doesn't forget a face or name or details that are important to the people she has met.
--Karen J. Hosler '78

My daughter is an alumna of Gordon, and we receive STILLPOINT. I read your article about the Holocaust studies taught by Charlotte Baker and would like to note that there were other holocausts besides the Jewish Holocaust during WWII: the Armenian, Assyrian and Greek massacres. My mother was 11 when the Turks murdered her family, and she and some of the survivors suffered greatly on their march to the British relief station in Hamadan, Persia. Perhaps holocaust studies could include this time period as well as the Jewish Holocaust.
--Irene Kliszus 

("A Freshman's View from Exile," Spring 2007) brought to mind the enclosed photo of the Rider family that appeared in a Boston newspaper around 1930. The Riders gave many years to serving the Lord. Violet Rider was my mother. Perhaps this photo will be of interest to current residents of Rider Hall and may be a contribution to the history of Gordon College.
--Richard E. Reed

Editor's note: This photo was a valuable addition to our College archives along with vintage photos of Gordon students at the 1950 Billy Graham Crusade, sent by Pauline Kolodinski Brown '50. We very much appreciate receiving reminiscences and memorabilia.

"Impressive Improv" (Spring 2007): The comedy group Sweaty-Toothed Madmen was founded by Dan Buck in 1998. Pete Holmes '01 assumed leadership of the group the following year.

"An Uncommon Vision for Graduate Music Education" (Spring 2007): Lindsey (Ketcham) Peabody '01 was inadvertently omitted from the list of students currently enrolled in the M.M.Ed. program.

STILLPOINT regrets these errors and omissions.


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