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Tim Ferguson-Sauder Wins Boston Cut&Paste Graphic Design Competition

September 14, 2007

Ashley Hopkins
Office of College Communications

WENHAM, MA-Tim Ferguson-Sauder, art director and art faculty member at Gordon, was the winner of the Boston Cut&Paste Digital Design Tournament that took place on Saturday, September 8, 2007, at the Roxy in Boston. Ferguson-Sauder took first place, competing against seven other designers from around the nation who ranged in age from 21-35.

"We were given 15 minutes to create and design something based on themes provided to us a week before the tournament," said Ferguson-Sauder. "The hitch was that anything we incorporated into our designs needed to be photographed right there on-stage within the 15 minute time frame, which was happening live in front of a packed audience observing our every move via the screens simulcasted above." The competition was also streamed live on the Cut&Paste website, so friends, family and others, could watch the competition from afar.

Cut&Paste was born in New York City back in November 2005. At the time 850 people came out to witness the first, live digital design tournament. Elbow to elbow, they packed the competition with designers winding wrists, judges taking their positions, gadgets warming up, and an immense energy that ran through speakers and skin. Since then, Cut&Paste has operated tournaments in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco. This year the tournament will travel abroad to London, Berlin, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Sydney, in addition to several new cities nationally. More information on the Cut&Paste tournament can be found at www.cutandpaste.com/events/boston.html.

The judges for the Boston Cut&Paste tournament included: Al Haney, senior designer for Karmaloop; Boris Chang, apparel graphics designer for Puma North America; Claudia De Piante Vicin, lead graphic design mentor for Artists For Humanity; Julian Wadsworth editor of Modernista! and Tak Toyoshima, art director of the Weekly Dig.

This is not the first time Ferguson-Sauder has been recognized for his design abilities. Earlier in 2007 the College was presented with the "Award of Excellence" for the new Gordon logo series, which was designed by Ferguson-Sauder. A recent advertising series for the College, which was completed under Ferguson-Sauder's art direction, was also recognized at the Fourth Annual Service Industry Awards (SIAA). In addition to his role as art director and art faculty member, Ferguson-Sauder is also the program director of Return Design, a competitive and well respected intern design program at Gordon.

Ferguson-Sauder resides in Gloucester, MA, with his wife and two children.

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