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Letters to The Editor

Letters to the Editor

I just finished going through your magazine, STILLPOINT. I love the new format. With its revision STILLPOINT is meatier and reflects so well Gordon's unique combination of faith and learning. I love the typography, the choice of paper and, of course, story selection--they work very well together. Many years have passed since I graduated in 1977, but I am glad to see that Gordon's core mission has remained steady.
--Victor H. Hanson III '77
President and Publisher, The Birmingham News

We enjoyed reading Sara Johnson-Steffey's account of her work with an NGO in Iraq ("Crossing into Iraqi Airspace," Fall 2006). My husband John (and father of Brett '07) works in democracy-building, legislative and parliamentary improvements in post-conflict democracies. The job often requires assembling people to do projects overseas. In that article, Sara's mentor from Brandeis (April Powell-Willingham, who was with ICLAD) was actually recruited by John for that specific job. John's involvement, which recruited her, turned into Sara's blessing. And this month he switched employment to NDI (National Democratic Institute in Washington, D.C.), also mentioned in the article. We are most grateful to see connections like this taking place with alumni such as Gordon students who have a clear understanding of the underpinnings of freedom. (And Brett? He is double majoring in theatre and politics . . . natural twins.)
--Charity Johnson

Congratulations on a beautiful new magazine design and also on the remake of your branding system. Having gone through that process within the last three years, I am aware of the commitment of resources that such an undertaking involves. I have had the privilege of visiting your campus, which helped me to relate to your joy for the continued development of all that is going on there.

I was also personally blessed by the articles by and about Bruce Herman ("Painting the Lothlórien Chair" and "Bruce Herman Installed," Fall 2006). I have a long personal history in the arts, which probably contributed to my particular interest in the story. I am proud to have a fellow CCCU institution so eloquently address the arts and wish you the best as you continue to develop that program.
--Steve Hunt
Vice president for marketing, Corban College, Salem, Oregon

Here I sit in my living room in Morocco reading every single word of the recent STILLPOINT that was sent here to Gwen McWhorter '05, our teammate who is teaching English here with us. I love the quotes, the stories about graduates, stories about faculty, the wedding pictures and baby announcements, the layout and the design. The energy is just jumping out of the pages! I am soooo impressed with the magazine, with the content, with the quality alumni of Gordon, with the witness--keep up the good fight for His glory!
--Grace Ju
Biology faculty, Gordon College

Kudos to you for the fresh, new look! It caught my eye among the many other pieces of mail I pulled out of the mailbox about two weeks ago. The colors on Bruce Herman's art were captivating. The cover invited me to open the magazine and see what was inside! I also liked the variety of brief articles. The magazine gave the reader a good view of what is happening at the College.
--Darlene Kuzmak '74

As always, I am impressed, inspired, challenged by the content of STILLPOINT. However, as the parent of a 1995 graduate, I am now over 60 years old. My eyesight is not what it once was, apparently. I am reading with great difficulty the smaller, lighter type used in this issue.
--Mary Anne Deik

Editor's note: We received several other letters commenting on the font size and weight in the print version of the magazine. We hope the change in this issue is helpful.

First, congratulations on your new format. Strong visual impact, highly readable, great content. Thank you, also, for keeping the extended Gordon family updated on what is happening at Gordon. Third, after reading your article "The Accidental Chaplain," I thought you would be interested in knowing that Gordon has at least one alumnus who currently is an active-duty military chaplain. My son, Chaplain (CPT) Andrew Shriver '94, reported to duty yesterday at Fort Lewis, Washington, as the new chaplain for the 864th Combat Engineers after serving at Arlington National Cemetery in Washington, D.C. Andrew will be deploying with the 864th next month to FOB (Forward Operating Base) Sharona in Afghanistan.
--Leigh Ann Shriver

Editor's note: Read more about Andrew's journey 

Great effort with the new look. A suggestion: Have an email contact for the authors. Ideas should be a two-way street whenever possible. I was especially taken with Sara Johnson-Steffey's article on her Iraq experience ("Crossing into Iraqi Airspace," Fall 2006). Having been on a medical mission project in Kurdistan, I read this piece with great interest. Our daughter, Marcy, graduated in 1991 and we are grateful for the "Gordon experience." Blessings on your efforts in the New Year.

--Richard E. Carlson, M.D.