Gordon in the News: last updated 06/05/2007

Soulforce Visit to Gordon College

Two years ago Soulforce, an advocacy group for the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community, began visiting Christian colleges like Gordon that adhere to biblical standards regarding human sexuality. Last year the group visited a number of colleges including Wheaton, Bethel, Azusa Pacific and Biola.

This year Gordon and 32 other institutions of higher learning are on the list. Based on the positive experience of many of the colleges last year, we decided to honor the Soulforce request to host their members for a series of presentations to be facilitated by our Center for Christian Studies on April 16 and 17. Student participation is optional.

We intend to receive them as guests to our campus and listen with compassion. We will also ensure that they hear the theological basis of our Christian beliefs that marriage is defined as the union between one man and one woman and that sexual activity is limited to the context of the marriage relationship. Gordon has not abandoned and will not veer from this biblical perspective.

As a Christian college we are a redemptive community that endeavors to be a channel of God's grace--grace that deals with sin and grace that we all need. It is in this light that the College will offer our visitors a welcome that is gracious while affirming the historic, orthodox Christian position regarding homosexual behavior and the appropriate biblical instruction of responding with love for them.

Gordon will also treat the Soulforce visit as an opportunity to help students increase their understanding of scriptural teachings on homosexual behavior and learn how to thoughtfully represent their views to others. This visit will be incorporated into the Center for Christian Studies symposium on April 16 and 17.

These events are only open to Gordon College students, faculty and staff.

College Statement on Christian Higher Education & Explanation of Gordon's Policy on Homosexuality