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A Day in the Life of Gordon College—the “School of Christ” 125 Years Later

This intriguing photo-essay (flip through to page 10 and following) by Mark Spooner ’14 traces a typical day in the life of the College. The issue was published with three different covers, all photographed in the Ken Olsen Science Center.

HanByul & David 
Chemistry major and researcher HanByul Chang ’15 grew up in Moscow; this year she’s a Gordon Presidential Fellow in the Office of the Vice President for Student Life. David Popa ’15, an art major from New York City, specializes in street art using spray paint. He has participated in Gordon’s W.I.L.D. semester, which is focused on outdoor education and leadership; he’s also on the track team.

Stevie & Dan​
Stevie Schweighardt ’15, a communication arts major from San Diego, has made six films at Gordon. In 2013 she studied in India and Salzburg; this year she is a Presidential Fellow in the Office of the Vice President for Strategic Marketing and Communications. Dan Fauber Jr. ’16, from Danbury, Texas, is on the Men’s Swimming team and continues to break records. He majors in physics.

Sandev & Bailey
Sandev Handy ’16, a design major from Sri Lanka, has worked with the Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership and with ELEVATE, Gordon’s summer leadership lab for high school students. Bailey Grinnell ’15 is a biology/Spanish double major from Massachusetts who has studied abroad and is a strong player on the Women’s Lacrosse Team.