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Scholars’ Profiles: Habits and Habitats of 26 Gordon Professors 

Pneumocytes. The multiverse. Lives of renunciation. Treaties.
Just a few of the things on the minds of professors you pass on the Gordon quad. 

Mind/body. Religion/media. Analog/digital.
They may be mulling some compelling dissonance, or a convergence . . .  

Pollution. Keeping people’s hips intact. Moral dilemmas.
. . . or chasing a solution to a problem. 

Hindi, Mandarin, Prolog, Python.
Languages they might be pondering in, besides English. 

Kayaking. Construction. Boogie boarding. Baking.
How they’ll unwind after work. 

Botswana, Argentina, Antarctica. To the ends of the earth. 
To the edge of the nanoverse.
Where they’ve been. Where they’re going.

26 of our professors, all impressive.
Enjoy getting acquainted >>.