STILLPOINT Archive: last updated 05/09/2016

In the Arts

Sarita Kwok’s latest CD, Interchange, featuring violin and piano duos of the 20th century (works by Prokofiev, Janacek, Ravel and Stravinsky), was released worldwide in February by the German label GENUIN classics. Dr. Kwok, who chairs Gordon’s Department of Music, is joined on this recording by her regular collaborator, pianist and Yale faculty member Wei-Yi Yang. The performance is described as “a balancing act that both young musicians pull off splendidly, connecting long musical lines and palpably enjoying relentless rhythmic repetitions.” The CD is available on iTunes and Amazon. 

Bruce Herman, Bruce Herman, Lothlórien Distinguished Chair in Fine Arts at Gordon, served as artist-in-residence at Duke Divinity School this spring as part of its Initiatives in Theology and the Arts program. In that role he created a large painting, Riven Tree (pictured here), for the Divinity School’s York Room. He also delivered a lecture, “Making, Unmaking, Remaking: Conflict and Resolution in the Creation of a Painting,” which can be viewed on YouTube. “I was completely blown away at how much prayer, study, sacrifice, and trust went into this wonderful work,” said one viewer.