STILLPOINT Archive: last updated 05/09/2016

Taking the Plunge: DEEP FAITH 2016

by Marianthy Posadas-Nava ’17

Gordon’s annual DEEP FAITH week brought pastor and author Skye Jethani to a packed chapel for a series of talks on the theme “Life with God.”

Jethani posed the profound question: Who is the Jesus we are really worshiping? and led the campus community in exploring how we focus on who we want Jesus to be, rather than surrendering control of our lives into his charge. Students engaged with this challenge, wrestling with it in diverse ways.

In the days that followed, Jethani explored how our vision of God affects our view of the world. The Gospels, he pointed out, show how much of Jesus’s time was spent trying to open the eyes of the world to the marginalized. Jethani contrasted Peter’s and Jesus’s responses to the Roman soldiers in the Gospel account of Jesus’s arrest (Peter attacks the soldier and cuts off his ear; Jesus heals the very soldier who has come to take him to his death).

“Do we see ourselves in Peter?” Jethani asked, provocatively, exhorting us to deepen our understanding of who Jesus is and what he is about.