STILLPOINT Archive: last updated 07/22/2016

Honoring 15 Years of Exemplary Service

Mr. Kurt Keilhacker, who joined the Gordon College Board of Trustees in 2001 and has chaired it since 2005, retired from the board in February. “During your tenure as Board Chair,” said President Michael Lindsay, at a ceremony honoring Keilhacker, “you have equipped the Board to act as a rudder, rather than an anchor; and you have projected a future for Gordon that is true to the institution’s rich heritage as a school of Christ, and yet agile and responsive to the needs of our time.”

Beginning his career as an investment banker in mergers and acquisitions, Mr. Keilhacker shifted into the technology sector and applied his aptitude for identifying and maximizing untapped potential. In 1995, he founded TechFund, a venture capital fund that supports clean energy and green technology start-ups in Silicon Valley and Europe. He has served on the Dean’s Council of Harvard Divinity School, and chaired the board of the Veritas Forum, which encourages students to explore how Christian truth relates to the pursuit of knowledge.

President Lindsay enumerated the College’s strides forward during Mr. Keilhacker's tenure as Chair, which have included:

  • The launch and completion of the Heart of Discovery Campaign.
  • The completion of the Balance and Mobility Center, Grace Hall, and the Brigham Athletic Complex; the acquisition of 216 Grapevine Road; and renovation of Lane Student Center, Jenks, and Frost Hall.
  • Nearly $100 million raised for the College over the last ten years.
  • Growth of Gordon’s endowment by 66%, and a near-doubling of the number of major donors.
  • A total enrollment increase of 23%, including an international enrollment increase of 133%. 
  • Seventeen new academic programs and 15 new concentrations.
  • New study abroad opportunities in Australia, the Balkans, Belize, China, Hungary, New Zealand, Rwanda, South Africa and Wales.

“It’s fitting,” said President Lindsay, “that Gordon has celebrated both the 175th anniversary of A. J. Gordon’s birthday and the College’s own 125th anniversary under your charge. From your ardent support and sponsorship of programs like the Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership and the Social Venture Challenge; to your commitment to bringing celebrated scholars, leaders, and artists to campus through named lecture series; to meaningful spiritual initiatives like DEEP FAITH week; you have shown a deep commitment to Gordon’s being a city on a hill.”