STILLPOINT Archive: last updated 11/11/2015

Golden Reunions 2015

Members of the Class of 1950 gathered for their 65th reunion (first and second photos) included Dorothy Rung, Phyllis (Bickford) Hedberg, Joyce (Towle) Collins, Lois (Gustafson) Draper, Margaret (Smith) Murdoch, Marjorie Buck, Andrew Kilpatrick and Robert Wyllie. Robert Bell, Ralph and Pauline (Kolodinski) Brown, and Charles Hobbs also attended but are not pictured. Other alumni from the era celebrating with them included Richard Rung ’53 and John Young ’55.


Members of the Gordon Class of 1965 gathered for their 50th reunion (third and fourth photos) included (not in order of appearance in photo) Eugene Case, Pamela Cole, Marcia (MacGregor) Duncan, William Eaton, George and Karen (Lundell) Faul, Deborah (Howard) Hansen, Jack Hawxwell, Patricia (Roix) McKay, Thomas Knowlton, Wayne Mellish, Nancy (Blackman) Ruark, Dave Smith, David and Constance (Thurber) Swensen, Nancy (Robinson) Tobey, and Clara Whitney. The Class of ’65 was joined by other Gordon alumni of the era including Brad ’60 and Marie ’60 (Sebio) Schuhmacher, Steve Duncan ’61, Kathleen Case ’64, Margaret Knowlton ’64, Ted Ruark ’64,Dennis Bunten ’67, Keith Merrill ’67, Sandra Hawxwell ’68 and Mary Kilpatrick ’70.

60th and 55th anniversaries: John Young ’55 and Marie (Sebio) Schuhmacher ’60 (last photo)