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Celebrating The Faithful Leaders of Gordon’s Past, Present and Future

“Colleges leave a mark on the soul.” —David Brooks

On September 29, 480 alumni and friends joined for the fourth annual Celebration of Faithful Leadership (1). Held at the InterContinental Hotel overlooking Boston Harbor, the evening featured creative interpretations of biblical truths by performance poet Shawn Welcome (2); depictions of A. J. Gordon and the crucified Christ by world-renowned performance painter David Garibaldi (3); and music performed by Music Department Chair Dr. Sarita Kwok (violin) (4), accompanied
by music instructor Christina Chao (piano). 

The evening’s keynote speaker, New York Times columnist David Brooks (5), captured the essence of legacy virtues. Students Stephanie Antonucci ’16 (6) and Danny Bizumuremyi ’17 (7) offered their own inspiring, authentic testimonies.

Business leader Myron (Mike) Ullman III (8) was honored as the recipient of the fourth annual George F. Bennett Leadership Award. Ullmann spoke candidly with President Lindsay about the successes and private trials associated with leading five world-class corporations, most recently J. C. Penney. “Love your audience,” he said. “Do your homework. Be yourself.”

Thanks to the generosity of our guests and sponsors, more than $1 million was raised through this event; proceeds will fund student scholarships and help offset the burden of educational debt.

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