STILLPOINT Archive: last updated 11/11/2015


Professor of Art Jim Zingarelli describes his latest body of work, Chord & Color, as an “exploration of musical and visual compositions that dialogue together around chord forms and color contexts.” It’s a natural outgrowth of his long-standing orientation toward abstraction and contemporary art, with a particular focus, in recent years, on interdisciplinary study and collaboration within the fine arts. 

An Initiative Grant from the College two years ago enabled him to collaborate with two music professors/composers from Berklee College of Music (Boston): Gail McArthur Browne (saxophone) and Helen Sherrah-Davies (jazz violin), along with a professional rhythm section. A performance and virtual exhibit (using digital projection) was held at Berklee September 30. The partnership will continue in additional Boston and New York City locations. 

Zingarelli’s work has been exhibited at many galleries and other venues, including Dartmouth College, Yale University, and St. Paul’s Cathedral in Boston.