STILLPOINT Archive: last updated 11/11/2015

New Faculty Faces

Hailing from Northwestern University, Susan Bobb (psychology) is a widely published and accomplished cognitive psychologist. Previously a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Göttingen (Germany) and Stanford University, she is an expert in the areas of cognition and applied linguistics. 

Media studies and visual culture expert Grace Chiou (communication arts) has studied the intersection of media, culture, religion and gender. She also has professional experience as a market research analyst and business consultant in the pharmaceutical field. A leader in inclusive engagement and excellence, her interests extend beyond the classroom and into issues of social justice. 

Medievalist Kerilyn Harkaway-Krieger (English) also has a strong background in early modern literature and religion. Her doctoral dissertation, which she defended last December, focused on “Mysticism and Metaphor: Visionary Literature in Fourteenth-Century England.” 

Amy Brown Hughes, a scholar of early Christianity, has joined the faculty as assistant professor of theology. She previously worked with Wheaton College’s Center for Early Christian Studies. Her first book, Christian Women in the Patristic World: Influence, Authority and Legacy, co-authored with Dr. Lynn Cohick, is to be released this year. 

Russell Tuck brings professional experience to his role as professor of computer science. An award-winning software engineering manager, he led the productionization and launch of Gmail, and built and managed Gmail’s site reliability engineering group. He holds 10 patents, and
a B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. in computer science from
Duke University.

J. David West (visual art) has extensive experience in drawing, printmaking and mixed media. A widely exhibited artist and educator, he founded several art organizations and events. He has also worked as a prosthetics sculptor, collaborating with clients and anaplastologists globally to fabricate lifelike replacement limbs.


Susan Bobb (psychology)
Grace Chiou (Comm Arts)
Kerilyn Harkaway-Krieger (English)
Amy Brown Hughes (biblical studies)
Russell Tuck (computer science)
David West (art)