STILLPOINT Archive: last updated 11/10/2015

A Gastronomical Adventurer: Pascal Huguet, Executive Chef

With his international background and candid warmth, Gordon College’s executive chef Pascal Huguet brings a fresh perspective to the kitchen and table. From Menigoute, a small village in western France, Pascal has pursued his passion for food since 1979. In 2000, he moved to the United States and made his American culinary debut in Massachusetts, first in Marblehead and then at Gordon, where he has worked for the past 15 years.

Inspired by his European upbringing, he is passionate about sharing his culture in the context of student life. Students seem to be particularly fond of his chicken marbella, vegetarian lasagna, stuffed salmon with mascarpone, and spinach and gowrie fruit salad.

Before he met his wife, Alessandra, in Paris, Pascal did not imagine he would leave Europe. But “moving to another country makes you more modest; you learn about other cultures and languages,” he explained. “People have to travel.” 

One of his favorite things about working at Gordon is the opportunity to meet students from a variety of cultural backgrounds. Connecting with international students reminds him of working in the cosmopolitan environment of Paris.

Pascal and Alessandra live in Raymond, New Hampshire, with their two children. They enjoy strolling in historic New England cities such as Newburyport, Portsmouth and Portland, and drinking espresso.

Asking a French chef for pastry recommendations is always a good idea. Pascal's favorite dessert is Mille Feuille ("Thousand Leaves"), a popular French treat consisting of layers of thin flaky puff pastry and vanilla cream. He recommends Finesse Pastries, a French patisserie in Manchester, New Hampshire. 


—Nora Kirkham ’16