OCE Newsletter: last updated 05/27/2015

Student Reflections

This year, students served at community partners all over the Greater Boston area, from Lowell down to Boston. 

The American Chemical Society chapter at Gordon has served locally over the past few years. Each week, students from this group tutor students in Lynn and help prepare them for college. Mirelle Naumen shares,

“It has been interesting also to get to know the students individually and personally and hear their aspirations, hopes, dreams, and fears for their futures. It has been a rewarding experience to be able to help out our peers and encourage them to go to college and work hard and model our work ethic. Money or life situation should not be a reason that students cannot go to college and I'm glad that have been able to use the skills that we learn and specialize in to help these students."

Outreach teams are student-led groups that serve outside of course-requirements. These students have a passion for specific issues and initiatives, and support local churches, organizations, and ministries with their work. One such team is The Outreach, which serves at-risk youth in Amesbury, MA. Candace Botterbusch, a Juvenile Justice Ministry major, who has served on this team for the past two years, shares about her experience, and the way it has allowed her to pursue her calling to this type of work and ministry.

“My service-learning experience has allowed me to apply the information I am learning in classes to real life experiences. I can take the experience at The Outreach and apply it to my career in the future. I have seen the workings of a non-profit and I have witnessed ministry to high-risk youth first hand. This type of ministry is what I would love to do in the future so I can apply everything I have learned to future aspirations.”

Several sections of the first-year seminar, The Great Conversation, served weekly in Lynn at a variety of community partners. This service enhances themes explored in the curriculum about love, community, justice, and the good life. Below, students share about how the experience has shaped and challenged them.

“I wanted the chance to reach out into the community to: help, grow, and learn from others. [Serving at an after school kids program] gave me a chance to form relationships and friendships, put aside all judgments, and go into each situation trusting that it is where God wants me to be. The experience has formed a greater sense of community both in and outside of Gordon.” -Kimberly Branco, Class of 2017

“Serving at Pondview, I learned how to find common ground with someone who has very different experiences than me, and to sympathize with those who have had many losses in their life.” -Janet Galvin, Class of 2018