OCE Newsletter: last updated 05/21/2015

REACH Drama Ministry Engages Youth

REACH, one of the longest running outreach teams, creates and performs skits based on tough issues that impact middle school and high school students today. This year, twelve students performed skits about stress, self-harm, addiction, dating, pornography, friendship, and self-image, among other topics, to youth groups all over the Greater Boston area. The team, which returns each year to previous churches due to popular demand, also performed at some new sites, including The Salvation Army in Salem, Vineyard Church of Hopkinton, and Grace Chapel in Lexington.

This year, Jean Lapitan and Joy Parillo served as student leaders, facilitating practices throughout the fall and shows in the spring. Jean and Joy have both served on this team since their freshmen year and consider the team one of the most important parts of their Gordon experience. Both leaders talk often about “the family atmosphere within the team,” cultivated over the course of the year through the sharing of life stories, regular fellowship, and of course, service to youth all over the Boston area. The members of this team truly care for one another and model community and love to the youth they serve. 

Throughout the fall, REACH members meet regularly for fellowship and skit practice. A few skits are scripted, but most skits involve improvisation, which requires more creativity! The team prepares close to twenty skits on various issues and topics relevant to middle and high school students. Churches will request specific skits that are particularly suited for their youth groups. Following the show, REACH members sit down with youth and debrief the skits and talk more in depth about the content.

If you are interested in learning more about REACH or even getting involved, contact next year’s students leaders at sara-jean.lapitan@gordon.edu and abby.scott@gordon.edu. REACH has several graduating seniors, and is hoping to recruit some new students next year!