OCE Newsletter: last updated 05/22/2015

New American Center Sleepover

This past April thirty-six students from the New American Center in Lynn traveled to Gordon to have a sleepover on campus. This event has become an annual tradition and deepens friendships between Lynn kids and Gordon students. Gordon students serve at The New American Center each semester, which provides after school programming for refugee youth from all over the world who have recently made Lynn, MA their home. This sleepover at Gordon provides an opportunity for Gordon students to extend hospitality and invite New American Center youth to their home and school. 

When the kids arrived on Friday afternoon, they joined Gordon volunteers for a pizza party, followed by an open gym time that included rock climbing, soccer, and dancing. At the end of the evening, everyone settled in to watch a movie before climbing into their sleeping bags to sleep.

On Saturday morning, Gordon volunteers set up games, races, and competitions for the kids. Some players from the men’s soccer team joined in on the fun and facilitated more activities, a training workshop, and soccer game. The day was a lot of fun, for both the Lynn kids and the Gordon students! As soccer player Trevor Hinshaw pointed out, “We had a beautiful sunny morning on the quad and were able to bond with and serve a group of students from the city of Lynn.” We are grateful for the partnership between Gordon College and The New American Center, and look forward to next year’s sleepover.