STILLPOINT Archive: last updated 04/07/2015

Remembering Steve Macleod

Stephen C. MacLeod, College Counsel and Dean of College Planning, passed away January 31. Steve began his career with the College in 1979 as Dean of Students at Barrington College, and in 1985 became the Dean of College Planning at Gordon after the Barrington-Gordon merger. Steve earned a Ph.D. in higher education administration from Michigan State University, and a J.D. from Suffolk University Law School. His expertise in both fields has been vital to the growth and advancement of Gordon College. He was also a devoted mentor and friend.

“Steve was a guardian angel,” said Ted Hildebrandt, professor of biblical studies. “Once I found myself in a threatening and difficult legal situation, without the resources to defend myself. Steve swept in and prepared my defense before the civil officials. Sorting through all the technical requirements and knowledgeably applying his legal mind, he advised me on exactly what I should be aware of and how to articulate it in the most compelling manner. My defense followed Steve’s sagacious advice and was successful. Steve had my back in that situation.”

In recognition of Steve’s multifaceted contributions to the life of the College, this year’s F. L. Chapell Award will be awarded to him posthumously at Homecoming. The award is named for the first lead teacher and dean of the Boston Missionary Training School.

“Steve’s leadership and service shaped Gordon College in ways that extended far beyond any single institutional role,” said President Michael Lindsay.