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New Faculty Books

Marv Wilson
(biblical studies) has co-authored volume 1 of a three-volume Dictionary of Daily Life in Biblical and Post-Biblical Antiquity (Hendrickson, 2014). Three Gordon alumni (Dr. John DeFelice ’91, Dr. John Kutsko ’86 and Andrew Pottorf ’11) assisted with this “A-to-Da” volume, which has entries about such widely-ranging topics as birds, boats, and barbers in ancient cultures in the Old and New Testament context.

In 2014 Dr. Wilson also published
Exploring Our Hebraic Heritage: A Christian Theology of Roots and Renewal (Eerdmans), a sequel to his 1989 Our Father Abraham. In Exploring Our Hebraic Heritage he calls for the church to restore, renew and protect its foundations by understanding its origins in Judaism. 

Bryan Auday
(psychology) co-edited the 7th edition of the five-volume Salem Health Magill’s Medical Guide (Salem Press, 2014). The guide for medical professionals has some 1,200 articles plus sidebars about recent developments in medicine.

Moisés Park
(Spanish) has published an analysis of cultural narratives about the legacy of the years of military dictatorship in Chile, Figuraciones del deseo y coyunturas generacionales en literatura y cine postdictatorial (Peter Lang, 2014) (Desire and Generational Conflicts in Chilean Narratives and Cinema). 


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