OCE Newsletter: last updated 07/22/2014


New Student Group Serves Alzheimer’s Patients

Gordon College Alzheimer’s Buddies is a student organization started in Spring 2014 in collaboration with Harvard University. The Gordon College Alzheimer’s Buddies program has partnered with Essex Park Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Beverly, MA. Approximately 20 volunteers each are matched with a patient from Essex Park who is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. The volunteers spend quality time with their “buddy” for an hour each week, performing various types of enrichment activities, anything from knitting to just sitting and being there.

The simple goal of this program and the focus of our members is to improve the quality of the lives of the patients. Our members are highly dedicated and demonstrate a lot of care towards their buddies, and can provide an everlasting hope to both the residents and their families. Our presence at Essex Park requires a minimal time investment from our side, but as was shown in the original Harvard program, these long-term relationships can have an immeasurable effect on the students and the patients. Both buddies benefit! We arrive with a big smile, a compassionate heart, and a positive attitude, and leave with knowledge about patient care and so much satisfaction. The staff and administration of Essex Park appreciates our services as we work hard to spread our positive influence to their residents who may be close to the end of their lives.

GCAB is one way Gordon College students are reaching out to the local community. The program was founded by Mekdes Getaneh (Duni), a senior biology major from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Dr. Craig Story from the Biology Department plays an advisory role and student Kemberlyne Cordero co-directs the program. The program will continue to operate in fall 2014.


Harrington Elementary Partners with Social Work Course for College Access Day

An annual event, En Camino, welcomes Lynn fifth graders to campus for a College Access Day. The Lynn students get a taste of college life and Gordon students experience first-hand what it is like to work with young students exploring future possibilities.

Julia D’Onofrio, Gordon College Instructor, on the En Camino Partnership:

“Not only were we able to fulfill Harrington's goals for their students to experience college life and see that it was an obtainable goal for the future but the Intro to Education students grew into their role as educators. Gordon Intro students were able to experience first hand what planning and implementing a field trip would entail, they were able to work with students directly and implement their first lesson plans. They were also able to see the importance of collaboration and the importance of flexibility in the world of teaching. Harrington teachers and students were very engaged and appreciative of the time enjoying the Gordon campus. Many meaningful conversations took place and Gordon students were able to get ‘their feet wet’ in their new field.”

Jonathan Waldron ‘15, on presenting to Harrington 4th graders:

“Showing the double bass to the students was lots of fun! They were surprised at how big the instrument was and how low it sounded. As I played Saint-Saens’ ‘The Elephant,’ the students did a dance to the music. It was great to be able to introduce music to them in a way that keeps them engaged and active by dancing. “



En Camino
En Camino
En Camino