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Seeing with New Eyes: Global Education Photo Contest

Each year the Global Education Office sponsors a photo contest for participants in Gordon’s many overseas programs. The 2013 theme was “Diverse, Divided and Reconciled.” To read the winners’ complete reflections on their photos, and view other students’ images and writing, go to

Carolyn Meckbach photo

First place: Carolyn Meckbach ’14
“Staalstraat Brug” | Amsterdam, Netherlands

Walking down a canal in Amsterdam, I came upon a rather public private wedding ceremony on top of a bustling downtown bridge, involving just the bride, groom, and an individual who leaned in to whisper vows into the couple’s ears. . . . The ceremony carried on amidst mopeds whizzing by and pedestrians casually navigating about them.A small crowd of spectators would come and go, curiously whispering to one another while holding up cellphones to capture the event.

Caroline Reigel photo

Second place: Caroline Reigel ’14
(Untitled) | Buenos Aires, Argentina

High in the mountains, gasping for air—restricted by the hand of man and of God—the people of Tilcara, Jujuy, have not let their steps falter, though oppressed by both European settlers and the Argentine government, as they walk the dust-consumed dirt path. Instead, all seven colors that layer the surrounding mountains can boast of the people of Jujuy and their fortitude. . . . Currently, the steps may be aided by a staff, but the imprints left on the gravel are just as sure as they were two hundred years ago when they stood proudly in the richness of their culture and home.

Victoria Petway photo

Third place: Victoria Petway ’14
“The Procession” | Orvieto, Italy

During the ceremonies of Corpus Christi . . . Orvietani and people from nearby towns parade in all kinds of medieval regalia to celebrate their history as well as the Miracle at Bolsena in which the Eucharist host dripped blood onto the linen below. . . . As much as I appreciated the way that such an array of people in one city and around the world could come together to celebrate the ultimate reconciliation, I cannot also help but feel some divide as a Protestant who cannot fully partake in the Eucharist of the Catholic church.