STILLPOINT Archive: last updated 04/21/2014

Gordon Rocks The Mikado

The A. J. Gordon Memorial Chapel traveled to imperial Japan in January, its stage transformed into a Japanese courtyard complete with rice paper doors and luminous red and orange lanterns. The occasion for this transformation: Gilbert and Sullivan’s famous comic opera, The Mikado.

A collaborative effort presented by Gordon’s Theatre Arts and Music Departments, The Mikado was directed by Professor of Theatre Arts Jeffrey S. Miller and Associate Professor of Music Michael Monroe. Gifted musicians and skilled actors sang and danced in an eclectic blend of kimonos and modern Harajuku statement outfits, among the production’s many contemporary touches.

The comedic genius of Gilbert and Sullivan has been a favorite for Gordon’s winter productions in recent years, with the successes of 2011’s Pirates of Penzance and 2012’s H.M.S. Pinafore. The quick wit and improvisational freedom that infuse these scripts find a natural home amid the talents of Gordon’s Music and Theatre Arts Departments.