OCE Newsletter: last updated 01/14/2014

Highlights and Reflections

Highlights from the fall term include: 

Legendary civil rights activist and community developer John Perkins spoke at a Gordon Chapel service and at an evening “talk back session” on October 23. His time with students centered on his journey of reconciliation, his experiences as co-founder of the Christian Community Development Association, and his hopes for the country’s future.

The College Bound program, an after-school tutoring and mentoring program co-managed by the Office of Community Engagement and the Lynn Housing Authority, had another successful semester working with kids from kindergarten to middle school in the Curwin Circle neighborhood of Lynn.

Molly McDermott ’14, intern for the 3rd–5th grade group, reflects on her experience during the fall term:

"My first semester as a College Bound intern has been an incredible experience. My team of eight tutors, the kids, and I have had a blast participating in our ‘theme weeks.’ A couple of crowd favorites were dance week and food week. Through my involvement in the program, I have developed an increased passion for taking part in the educational and personal growth of each child. It brings me joy to see them flourish, and I can only hope that I have made as much of a positive impact in their lives as they have in mine."

This Fall more than 10 all-volunteer Outreach Teams engaged in weekly service in Lynn, Boston, and across the North Shore. Each team has a specific orientation, which range widely, such as working on a sustainable farm, learning sign language and working with Beverly’s deaf population, or supporting therapeutic horseback riding.

Andrew Swanson ’16, leader of the Homeless Ministry team that each week serves soup to and develops friendships with people experiencing homelessness in Boston, reflects on his semester of servant leadership:

"As a co-leader of Homeless Ministry during the fall semester, I had the privilege of leading a group of consistent, passionate, and driven students. My co-leader (Abby Searles) and I were both taken aback by how each student was regularly excited to serve and how positively and greatly their service on the Common impacted them. We hope this blessing continues into the spring semester. In addition, we hope to further live out our mission statement, increase team-bonding activities, and cultivate an environment of learning and transforming as we dive into a new semester and a new year!"


John Perkins
College Bound