STILLPOINT Archive: last updated 12/12/2013

New and Improved: Updates to the Gordon Campus in 2013

Since the beginning of summer, an estimated 238 improvements have been made to the Gordon campus.

New Campus Signs
New coordinated signs guide visitors to campus. Drivers see the first sign as they leave Route 128 at exit 17; other signs guide them to the main entrance, and then around campus to the visitor lot at the Ken Olsen Science Center.

A new sign displaying the College’s mission statement is one of the first signs visitors see.
Stonework and a new granite sign at the main entrance evoke a distinct New England collegiate feel, and these updates help the main entrance—and Gordon College—stand out in a way that grabs people’s attention, but is tastefully presented.

Lane Student Center
Lane Student Center, one of the first buildings visible beyond the entrance, now sports Gordon-blue banners and awnings.

Phillips Music Center Landscaping
New landscaping behind Phillips Music Center highlights the beauty of the building’s architecture, particularly the soaring window of the recital hall.

Residence Halls
Significant improvements to residence halls this past summer included renovation of nearly all the common spaces, including new flooring and area rugs in the Gordon tartan. Many patios now have benches and planters. Bromley received several new bathrooms. Sprinklers have been installed in several halls, along with other upgrades to residential spaces, such as improved accessibility options.
Framed photography by director of residence life Michael Curtis has been hung in each residence hall. The imagery ranges from campus shots to popular off-campus destinations. “I’m thankful for the opportunity to share my photography with the Gordon community,” said Curtis.

Bistro 255
Students, faculty and staff are enjoying Bistro 255 (in Jenks), the newest of four student-dining options across campus that also include the Lane Dining Commons, Gillies Cafe in lower Lane, and Chester’s Place—a cafe built to replicate an traditional 18th-century English tavern. Bistro 255’s grab-and-go menu includes upscale salads, wraps and sandwiches. Its Starbucks-quality barista station is equipped with fair-trade coffee, a high-pressure steam purge for frothy cappuccinos and lattes, hot chocolate and herbal teas. Muffins, scones, croissants and other confections are available all day. The bistro’s name comes from Gordon’s street address on Grapevine Road.


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