STILLPOINT Archive: last updated 12/05/2013

Two Distinguished Faculty Members Honored

Professor Valerie Gin (recreation and leisure studies) and Associate Professor Brian Glenney (philosophy) received this year’s Senior and Junior Distinguished Faculty Awards.

As chair of the Recreation and Leisure Studies Department, Gin pushes the boundaries of sport, recreation, leisure and stewardship, and is a creative and challenging teacher. She wrote the sport ethics curriculum for the International Sport Coalition, co-edits the Journal of The Christian Society of Kinesiology and Leisure Studies, served as a Research Fellow at Northeastern University’s Sport in Society, and contributes to the website, which she describes as “a community of people who love and respect sport so much we can’t help but tell our stories, play fairly and honor the spirit of competition.” Gin and Jo Kadlecek, Gordon’s senior writer and journalist-in-residence, recently co-authored the novel When Girls Became Lions, which explores the challenges of being an athlete before Title IX.

Of Glenney, Provost Janel Curry said, “My conversations with Brian this year have ranged from perception of place, to the sovereignty of God and cultural landscapes, to randomness in nature, to graffiti art, and finally, to the construction of shelves in my house—from the abstract to the concrete and everything in between. Often I forget what department he actually belongs to because his work is so creatively cross-cutting.”


Brian Glenney and Valerie Gin